Independent businesses. Liquidity. Emerging markets.

Independent businesses in emerging markets are too often constrained by insufficient liquidity/working capital. At the same time they present a massive opportunity, selling more than 80% of all goods & services. Our liquidity solutions directly address their needs and increase revenues by 50% in just a few months. We focus on high growth markets.

Independent businesses are at the centre of economic activity in developing/emerging markets: they employ more than 2 billion people and sell over 80% of all goods & services (e.g. digital banking, bill payments, FMCGs). But they remain neglected by banks, resulting in a $1.4 trillion credit gap. Evolving digital ecosystems create unprecedented opportunities for financing these businesses. 6.6 million+ shopkeepers in emerging markets act as ‘agents’ for financial service providers. In 2018, they processed cash-in transactions worth $141 billion, all of which they had to pre-fund.

Flow is here to address this massive opportunity.



For everything we do, we put the customer first

Flow seeks to ensure that independent businesses benefit from the same quality and convenience in enterprise finance as established large businesses. Flow was born out of our commitment to level the playing field between independent businesses and big retail chains/corporates. We believe digital technologies provide an unprecedented opportunity to democratise financial services provision for all.

While we are a data-driven business, we believe in and respect our customers’ privacy. Consequently, we only analyse business-related data, not personal data.

The Flow Platform has been designed with a UX that flows. As a design philosophy, all processes are designed to never impede the normal business of our customer (a merchant/business) but to flow seamlessly along. The experience design defines not only the technology platform but all interactions, including those required for onboarding or getting to know our customers better (also known as KYC in other businesses).





Prior to Flow, Nitin worked as a consultant for 12+ years, advising more than 40 financial service providers across the globe, including digital finance leaders such as Equity Bank (Kenya), Eko (India) and AMK (Cambodia). His focus was on designing and setting up agent networks. Before starting his own consulting firm, he spent 7 years at MicroSave working on strategy and product development e.g. for Standard Bank (SA) and Bancolombia (Colombia). Nitin has also consulted for Central Banks and development agencies, including The World Bank and the UN. A mechanical engineer by education, he started his finance career managing operations at a microfinance institution in India.



Prior to Flow, Michael accompanied the growth of a FinTech start-up In Uganda from 30,000 to 300,000+ customers, establishing an ecosystem of 2,000+ cash-in/out shops. He has also consulted on FinTech/digital finance in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, including for Central Banks, financial service providers and leading development finance institutions such as KFW. Before that, he spent 4 years as a resident Adviser to the Central Bank of Uganda focusing on digital finance regulation. He started his career at Citigroup’s inclusive finance group analysing the performance of microfinance institutions and computing pricing for future deals.