We are a team of entrepreneurs who have implemented fintech, financial inclusion and technology solutions across Asia, Africa and Latin America.
We know how to make things happen in our target markets.
The focus of our work has always been small businesses and mass markets inclusive products.


Nitin Garg, Co-Founder

Prior to Flow, Nitin worked as a consultant for 12+ years, advising more than 40 financial service providers across the globe, including digital finance leaders such as Equity Bank (Kenya), Eko (India) and AMK (Cambodia). His focus was on designing and setting up agent networks. Before starting his own consulting firm, he spent 7 years at MicroSave working on strategy and product development e.g. for Standard Bank (SA) and Bancolombia (Colombia). Nitin has also consulted for Central Banks and development agencies, including The World Bank and the UN.  A mechanical engineer by education, he started his finance career managing operations at a microfinance institution in India.

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Michael Rothe, Co-Founder

Prior to Flow, Michael accompanied the growth of a FinTech start-up In Uganda from 30,000 to 300,000+ customers, establishing an ecosystem of 2,000+ cash-in/out shops. He has also consulted on FinTech/digital finance in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, including for Central Banks, financial service providers and leading development finance institutions such as KFW. Before that, he spent 4 years as a resident Adviser to the Central Bank of Uganda focusing on digital finance regulation. He started his career at Citigroup’s inclusive finance group analysing the performance of microfinance institutions and computing pricing for future deals.


Achini Geoffrey Taban,
Country Representative Uganda

Geoffrey started his career at Straight Talk Foundation Uganda, where he engaged with and trained key community stakeholders on diverse issues. Prior to Flow, Geoffrey worked as the Head of Operations for SmartMoney Uganda, a digital rural financial service provider. He oversaw a team of field agents ensuring float and cash liquidity of 2000+ SmartMoney affiliated shops. He was also responsible for bulk payment solutions for corporate clients as well as procurement. Geoffrey is a wholehearted entrepreneur, having started and scaled a transport as well as construction company.


Anupam Varghese, Technology Advisor

Anupam Varghese has over 15 years experience in employing technology to solve business and social needs. He has served almost a decade as a part of the founding senior management team at Eko India Financial Services, including as the head of products. Anupam played a key role in nurturing its technology platform that now serves millions of customers and facilitates movement of over 10 billion rupees in transactions per month while also supporting a vibrant and an open API led developer community. He is also an entrepreneur and an innovator. He has co-founded two companies including one of India's earliest mobile games and application development studios and recently, an Internet of Things (IoT) product venture Tinkerbee Innovations. A maker at heart, Anupam has been an inventor on over a dozen patents and loves to roll up his sleeves to tinker with code and embedded hardware.



Our technology is specifically built to meet our customers’ needs: tailored liquidity solutions in network environments. We support integration of all key stakeholders and technology components.